• Things a mother will never stop saying
  • By :May Rostom

    Attention: Avoid ego and self-centered attitude

    We always have this attitude responding to our mothers questions, below are some USUAL answers to the most usual mother's request that we should avoid

    As I closely observed my mum and several others, I figured that they all have those template sentences that fit into any part of the day just so they can listen to themselves speak rather than actually wanting to hear an answer. Amongst these things were:

    1. What do you want for lunch today? ( at 8:00 A.M , I'm not really interested in 'bamia' so my usual answer would be 'anything's fine' which leaves her more confused , me relived and the question un-answered.)

    2. Have you cleaned your room yet? (Are you serious? have I ever cleaned my room?)

    3. Do you have anything white to wash? (Ironically, you usually don’t when she asks this question)

    4. Do I have to do everything around the house? (I can't believe you forgot all about the cup of water I brought you 1 minute ago! see, not everything)

    5. If you're not in the room, turn off the lights (what is this jail? I'm going right back in there!)

    6. I used to be thinner than you (I guess we'll never know because I wasn’t there to see it and the pictures you had mysteriously got lost at grandmas house)

    7. I used to be cool one day and an A student (bring out the grade cards missy!)

    8. Back in the day we used to be 100% more stylish than you are now, what's this outfit you're wearing? (Seriously? with those flare pants I recommend you hide)

    9. Don’t get me any gifts, I don’t need anything (who said gifts were stuff you needed, mum gifts are things you know you won't buy for yourself like perfume or roses)

    10. Have we seen this movie (mmm YUP like twice!)……………….45 minutes later, OHHH I know this movie, I've seen it twice (no comment!)

    11. Put the food back in the fridge when you're done (when I'M DONE? I didn’t have dinner!)

    12. Clothes are made to be put in closets not on your bed (who came up with this rule? I can pull out any outfit off the bed!)

    13. Who are you going out with and where are you going (if I say my friends names would you even know who they are and if I say Starbucks would you know it's for coffee?)

    14. Did you remember to feed your helpless pet (what are you, his lawyer?)

    15. She's your sister too you know (yeah, you taught me that when I was 2)

    16. Stay for a while, we never get to see you (you see me all day, isn’t that enough)

    17. Don’t be late; I get worried (you worry too much, nothings going to happen)

    18. You always go out, stay at home today you need some rest (trying to trick me to stay a while again, huh?!)

    19. Who are you going out with and where are you going? (I just told you that see there's no point in asking in the first place)

    20. Who is calling me on my mobile? (you just said it , its YOUR mobile……After 10 minutes of long staring at the screen, she picks up and asks who the caller is, regardless what the caller ID just wrote across the screen.)

    Although these tiny sentences tick us off but this is what makes them mothers and this is how we remember them. If you have any more 'templates' you want to share, comment below.

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