• Secrets to Ladylike Looks
  • By :NJ Mirza

    We don't want to only look beautiful and sexy; as a matter of fact most of us also love it when people call us ladies. TV started airing reality shows that teach young women how to act like ladies, which makes you think that there must be something interesting about it. But you don't need a reality show or a tutor to show you how to dress like a lady since for a ladylike look you need simple additions to your wardrobe such as:

    - Hitchcock-heroine belted coats if paired with knee-length skirts, pumps and pearls will make you look like you have just escaped a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' movie.

    - Pencil skirts are all about ladylike looks especially if purchased in wool fabrics that add to the elegance.

    - United Bamboo top with black bow and point d'esprit trim are perfect in light shades.

    - If you are not sure how to get a ladylike look then stick to the classics, it's most likely that you will end up with a ladylike style. One of the best classic pieces is the mohair ribbon-tie coat, which can be paired with almost anything even a pair of jeans.

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    - We can never ignore the ultimate classic color; black, which is an instant boost to elegance. Get into a black zip jacket with lean black pants and hardware heavy footwear and bag. This outfit will look perfect with a snug black turtleneck; however, you need to make sure it’s a high-quality piece. Accessorize with silver earnings and long necklace but try to keep it as simple as possible.

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    - Simple accessories can add magic to your outfit transforming it from just plain feminine to ladylike. These simple accessories include bright-colored leather gloves or a big old broche.

    - Two simple words; elongated clutch for your bags and pretty sling-backs for your feet. In winters, you are probably looking for a pair of boots but you want to look as ladylike as possible, then you need to get a pair of buckled boots, which are sleek and soft. With these boots, consider a rugged sling. On the other hand if you are looking for something extra sexy then you might want to consider a pair of black stilettos. If you are still looking for more chic accessories, consider a chain belt but we are not talking mostly chain belt, a black belt with a small silver chain will do.

    - Last but not least, keep your makeup simple, in other words, light shades is the key.

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