• Interesting things to know about your baby
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    Baby Facts:
    Nursing babies know what their mothers have been eating Breast milk indicates a lot about what the mother has been eating. Foods with a strong flavor such as garlic and onions may change the taste of breast milk and some babies may refuse to breastfeed if the flavor is too strong.

    Talking to your baby improves his language skills:
    Your baby is able to communicate before talking through crying and different forms of body language, which parents can usually understand by the time he is four months old. When your baby makes a 'cooing' sound, respond in the same way - this helps him understand the process of conversation and indicates to him that you will respond when he tries to communicate with you. Babies understand many words that they are not necessarily able to say. When your baby's a little older, talking 'naturally' (using grown up words) with him will also help him develop his language skills and he will learn to say more words once he does begin talking.

    Massaging your baby has many advantages:
    Massaging can calm your baby, assist in his digestion, improve his sleep patterns and develop the emotional bond that you have together. It's also a great way for other family members like the dad, grandparents and siblings to spend some special time with the baby. Massaging even helps premature babies develop.

    Books have an incredible impact on your baby:
    We all know the many advantages of reading. However, reading to your baby also forms a healthy association between books and your warm loving voice. Letting babies handle books also encourages an attachment to them. This association will probably last a lifetime.

    Music is important for children:
    Besides entertaining babies, music has proved to help in many other aspects. It reduces stress, increases awareness, enhances motor development, improves social skills, and improves language ability and future academic skills.

    Nothing is as educational as spending time with parents:
    Research shows that spending time with parents and doing a variety of activities together will undoubtedly help develop your baby's skills. Nothing competes with quality time with parents!

    Being adventurous stimulates your baby's brain:
    In addition to talking to your baby and entertaining him with music, there more ways to stimulate your baby's brain. Share experiences with him by taking him out with you for a ride in the car, for a walk in the garden, to the supermarket or store, and to the zoo - everything new is a stimulating adventure for him. During his 'adventure', make sure to explain things that capture his attention.

    Spending time on his back is good for him:
    Allowing a baby to lie on his back on the floor or on a mat for a while is good for him. This gives him the ability to move freely and allows him to exercise by moving his arms, legs, back, neck, etc. Equipment like baby chairs and bouncers limit this ability.

    - Are so chubby because they are born with extra fat so they can live off this until the mother's milk supply is ready.

    - Have nice breath because they have no teeth. Teeth collect smelly bacteria which are the reason for bad breath.

    - Smell so nice because they don't sweat. Their sweat glands are still immature.

    - Have such a strong grip when they're still tiny because it's an inborn reflex.

    - Have very soft skin because their skin has fewer layers, more fat and more moisture.

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